All New Weapons and Gadgets on Deston in PUBG

PUBG just released their new map called Deston and there are some new weapons, new gadgets, and new features that are coming with it. Now is the best time to jump into PUBG as Deston takes off with new Special Drops each week and more. Here are all of the new weapons, gadgets, and features coming with Deston in PUBG.

New Weapons in PUBG Deston

There are two brand new guns coming to PUBG with Deston. Unlike the rest of the items discussed in this article, the two new guns are available on every map in PUBG, not just Deston. The first gun is called O12. It is a fully automatic shotgun. The O12 excels in mid- to close-range combat as the damage output is very high if you can land the shots from the crazy rate of fire.

The second new weapon coming with Deston in PUBG is the MP9 SMG. As the name suggested, the MP9 is a sub-machine gun that works best in close-quarter fights. The most interesting features of the MP9 are that it has a built-in Suppressor and Laser Sight.


New Gadgets in PUBG Deston

There are a few new gadgets coming to PUBG that are exclusive to the Deston map. First up, we have the Ascender. Since Deston is a map filled with multiple areas with large buildings, the Ascender makes getting to the high ground easy and fun. Ascenders can be found on the side of tall buildings.

The second gadget exclusive to Deston is the Utility Parachute. If the Ascender helps players get up buildings fast, the Utility Parachute helps them get down fast. Utility Parachutes can be looted from areas that are high up.

New Features in PUBG Deston

A few features that are exclusive to Deston are gas stations and Security Keys. Gas stations can be used to refuel your vehicle as you drive through the massive map and Security Keys can be found throughout the map and used on Security Doors that hold top-tier loot.


New Vehicles in PUBG Deston

Along with new guns, gadgets, and features, there are two new vehicles to enjoy. First, the Pillar Car is here and is the fastest ride so far in PUBG. Second, the new Airboat will help you traverse low water areas (which there are a lot of) and can also travel across land.

If you’re looking for more PUBG content, check out our PUBG page. We have covered everything coming to PUBG with the new Deston update.

PUBG is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.