Audio Books – Just the Thing!

Audio Books – Just the Thing!

Isn’t it time to explore what Audio Books can add to your life and to the lives of those you care about? Here are seven easy ways to let Audio Books help you live your life!

1. Stuck in traffic? Make the time pass and accomplish something while you’re at it. It’s hands-free! Within the space of your daily commute you can “read” best selling fiction, biography or special interest books.

2. Housework a chore? Listen while you work and the chores will practically do themselves. Well, maybe not, but you will certainly be more entertained!

3. Power walking? Audio Books are (again) hands-free transforming the miles into minutes. Several friends “read” while circling the mall for their evening exercise.

4. Spending time waiting for your Doctor appointment? Using Audio Books gives you a Choice of what to read. Most of the magazines provided at my Doctor’s office are pretty out-of-date.

5. Have trouble finding a quiet corner at your house? With teenagers in my house there is never a quiet corner. Not a problem anymore. I can “read” my Audio Books no matter the decible level!

6. Limitations of arthritis or similar ailment? With Audio Books there is no need to struggle with heavy, awkward or cumbersome volumes! Our local Library recommends audio books to senior citizens who find paperback books difficult to hold.

7. Hospital or nursing center? It can be very difficult to share space with someone suffering from hearing loss. Yet again – with Audio Books the volume can adjust without disturbing other guests!

With Audio Books it doesn’t matter where you live or how old you are. Unlike ebooks you don’t need to sit at the computer to read. There are thousands of titles just waiting for you. So explore the possibilities!