Computers & Internet

Computers & Internet

One can easily say that these are the inventions of the century. It has done what one could not imagine. It has open the doors of the world to the world.

What are you thinking now? Whatever you do, just put that in a search engine, you will be amazed to see the data on that, its amazing. Information on fingertips, one just has to type that.

At this day and age, the current of terms of literacy says that a person who doesn’t know about computers is not literate. It simply shows as to how deeply this is involved in every walk of life, just name it.

There is a tendency of humans to accept change with time or not accept it at all. Change does cause stress. See the bright aspect. These inventions have changed the face of the world.

Businesses are stretched from one corner of the world to another. Who says that you have to hire someone in your local area to get your work done, you can get a person have your work done on the portals that serve as a bridge between the company and the skilled.

Do you want to express yourself? Do you want to do business? Do you want to set a school? Whatever you think, you can do that here. Its a whole new world, with its own set of rules.

Its because of this the world has really shrunk into a small ball, where people can visit the jungles of Africa sitting in their homes, roaming on the islands on a starry night, being on top of the highest mountains. I believe as things are going, in a few years people will be getting transported through lines, just a vivid imagination, but thats how we see things have been coming into being. Who could have thought that we could see the world moving in a box, TV.

This is all really amazing and really cool. I just heard a statement a few days ago and was making it a part of my data bank by repeating it again and again that “Internet Is A Multi Billion Dollar Industry”.

Another thing that is pretty remarkable is that the older generation is not much into using computers and have been greatly affected by it, cause they thought that they could not adapt to this change. I believe we must have something made for them that they could use it with a whole lot ease and comfort, in terms of gadgets or programs, could be anything, its just a thought.