My Favorite Gripes About Forwarding

My Favorite Gripes About Forwarding

I don’t know about you. But I’m getting sick of people that don’t clean forwarded email before they send them.

I get all kind of forwarded email from friends and family that has been forwarded. Everybody’s email is prone to spam because it’s right there in the to: line. Then when you open the email in the body of the message there is other people’s email from the previous person and so on.

So Congress enacted the Can-spam act. It says that the senders address and a way to contact them to remove you from the list somewhere in the email. It’s absurd when they enacted something like this when people email’s are open to be spamed.

Here are some ways to curb Spam or at lease be able to complain about spam. Otherwise don’t complain and have congress enact absurd law like the can spam act.

When you forward email go into the email body and copy the email and paste it in a new email minus the people’s email’s Instead of just hitting the forward button on your email program.

Go into your address book and make a new contact as Undisclosed recipient and then associated your email address with that contact name. Save that entry to your address book.

So next time you want to send one email to numerous people in your address book. Do this

Go into your address book. Select Undisclosed recipient from the list. Put that in your To: field. With that done, go back into your address book and select people from your list and put them in the Bcc: field of your email.
When people receive email it will show this.

To: Undisclosed recipient or your email address depending again on your email program.

Subject: whatever you want

Bcc: Nothing It won’t show up. Even when the full header is viewed

It serves two purposes. One people’s email address are out in the open and two. The recipient doesn’t know who you sent the email nor should it be their business.