Robert Hallock leaves AMD after 12 years

Hallock is leaving to ‘explore new opportunities and experiences’

AMD’s Director of Technical Marketing is stepping down

AMD’s Technical Marketing Director, Robert Hallock, has announced on LinkedIn that he has left AMD, where he has been an employee for over 12 years. Many PC enthusiasts will know him as @AMD_Robert on Reddit, or as one of AMD’s more public-facing employees. He frequently appears in YouTube technology overviews from AMD, and often takes part in interviews with Influencers or members of the press. Simply put, Hallock is one of AMD’s most recognisable faces. 

Hallock has stated that he has left AMD to “explore new opportunities and experiences”, and that he is “not sure what happens next”. He will be taking some time to travel and think about his future. Friday was Hallock’s last day working at AMD. 

On LinkedIn, Hallock thanked many of is ex-colleagues at AMD, the hardware reviewer community, and the AMD communities on Discord and Reddit. To say the least, Robert Hallock’s absence will leave a hole in AMD that will be difficult to fill. His departure comes shortly before the launch of AMD’s Ryzen 7000 series of processors, and not long before AMD’s planned release of RDNA 3 based graphics cards.

    After just over 12 adventure-packed years at AMD, I’m leaving to explore new opportunities and experiences. Over the years, I’ve had the honor and privilege of publicly teaching others about some truly stellar innovation: the Zen core family, 3D V-Cache, chiplet packaging, HBM memory, FreeSync, low-overhead graphics APIs, and much more. After working in both graphics and processors for roughly 6 years each, I’ve learned so much.

At this time, AMD has not confirmed who will be replacing Hallock as their new Technical Marketing Director. It would not be wise for AMD to leave this job vacant for long, as AMD’s marking teams will need to be ready for AMD’s upcoming product launches. AMD’s Ryzen 7000 series processors launch this month, and these CPUs will be quickly followed by new graphics cards. 

We wish Robert Hallock the best in his future ventures. 

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