Sunbreak: All Secret Monsters Unlocked till Master Rank 100

Sunbreak: All Secret Monsters Unlocked till Master Rank 100

For veterans of the Monster Hunter series, finishing the game is only the beginning. That’s because the end of the story is when the hunt truly begins as folks take the long and arduous journey of raising their master rank and reaching that far and lofty goal of MR 100, which is required to unlock all the secret hidden monsters of the game.

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By the way, I’d be remiss if I didn’t give a special thanks to my co-worker Cameron Duren, who helped me by basically no-lifing the game during the review period and reaching Master Rank 100 once again, just like he did with Iceborne. The best I could do was just under Master Rank 50 on my account due to work. Well, that and having to get Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak videos ready for YouTube as well as articles and guides for this site.


Yeah, excuses, excuses.

In case you’re curious, it took him a little over 130 hours to reach Master Rank 100 by essentially speed running the game. Of that, 40 hours came from playing base Rise from the beginning again since he played that game on Switch instead of PC, just like me, and it took me about that long to rush through base Rise again as well.