The Wayfarer’s Legacy Gets First Major Update

With the launch of version 1.1 ‘Passing Moons’, Unexplored 2 developer Ludomotion finalizes the first round of major improvements. Since launch, many aspects of the procedural open-world RPG have been enhanced, mostly based on feedback received from its active community of players.

Many of the improvements aren’t instantly visible and take place ‘under the hood’, during the process of generating the world, the levels, and the quests. These amount to smoother gameplay and a better balance during the whole of the game. Other changes are much more noticeable from the start.

Seasonal influences (enhanced generation)

Game director Joris Dormans explains: “We have expanded the survival mechanics. Unexplored 2 is a game that is all about going on an adventurous journey. That means you spend time looking for food, maintaining your gear, and trading your cold weather gear for water skins before venturing in the desert. You really need to plan ahead. The new seasons make this experience much more dynamic, as for one region there might be a monsoon during spring, while in another region hot weather heralds a plague season. It should give you something to think about before planning your next adventure even when you have already played this game for a hundred hours or more.”

Pray-for-Help (new feature)

To counteract the risks of procedural generation, the developers introduced a mechanic they call ‘Pray-for-Help’. It works like this: on increasingly rare occasions the game generates a level that is impossible to solve. This can feel, and is, unfair to the player. They can overcome this by ‘praying for help’. The game analyses the level and for instance opens a door when the player is unable to find the corresponding key. Obviously, abuse of this option will trigger severe retribution from the in-game deities.

Inventory system (enhanced system)

The developers found a way to increase the flexibility of the number of objects a player can carry and the strategic survival gameplay at the game’s core. Providing too much inventory space lessens the importance of travel preparations, too little diminishes the thrill of discovering new objects. In the new system, players can choose to temporarily carry more objects, but pay for it with the Encumbered status. Encumbered players need to rest more during travel and combat is more difficult.

Map markers (new feature)

Further improving the balance between a genuine exploration experience and playability was found in the addition of map markers. The developers didn’t want to automatically populate the world map with markers that indicate certain areas had been visited, finished, or failed. That would diminish the feeling of exploration. However, players are now able to place those markers themselves. This new feature enhances the real feel of exploration by having players interact more with the map of their world.

Difficulty and Content Modifiers (expanded)

One of the many innovative features of Unexplored 2 is the way players can modify the content and difficulty of a new world they generate. Based on player feedback the developers added more options that will either provide an additional challenge for seasoned players, or help beginners, for instance by enabling them to fast travel from the get go.